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Therapeutic relaxation

What is therapeutic relaxation?

Relaxation therapy is a method of relaxation of the body and mind. It helps to cultivate physical and mental serenity for everyday life.

Therapeutic relaxation

Its effects

It aims at easing tension, reducing stress and anxiety. It promotes sleep (it is a very efficient method of treatment against insomnia) and is a very interesting remedy against headaches and migraines. It is recommended in most sexual disorders. Finally, if it helps diminish fatigue, enhance memory, it is also recommended in the case of heart diseases, disorders of the respiratory system, hypertension or circulatory problems. In addition, relaxation therapy provides restoration of the link between the psyche and the body, through the discovery of this body-mind experience.

It can also be used when psychoanalytic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis is indicated, but the person has difficulty verbalizing.

In general, it helps build capacities of introspection and concentration.

Through the learning of therapeutic relaxation, one experiences a significant increase in self-esteem.